3 Benefits of Teleconferencing

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You're a purist—you like to do business in person. The face-to-face meeting is a time-honoured practice of business etiquette. Don't get me wrong, this is a brilliant business strategy when clients and colleagues are nearby. However, in today's business environment, you might have clients in three cities, colleagues working from home, or an agency overseas. This has become a reality for many companies and having to adapt to fit these new trends is key to continued success.

If you intend to reduce costs and broaden your reach without diluting your message, teleconferencing is the way to retain your personal touch while increasing your client base. Here are three benefits of incorporating teleconferencing into your business model.

1. Increased productivity

The ability to regularly engage with colleagues and clients means that informed decisions direct your actions. This reduces mistakes, downtime or service calls. A 30-minute conference call instead of 10 emails back and forth can help expedite a project. You can gather experts from across the world in the same virtual meeting room so that all your decisions, new market strategies or products are implemented faster. 

If you want to retain even more of a personal touch, video streaming and web conferencing come into play. The quality of video now a days is as good as you can get without actually boarding a plane. Multimedia capabilities enable presentations that are dynamic and effective.

2. Reduced travel costs

Now you can see the world from the comfort of your board room or from your home office. Not having to travel to meetings means you save on costs and travel time, while still getting the benefits of talking directly to someone. Teleconferencing incorporates clients from different countries and timezones in the same meeting, simple as that. 

3. It's Clean and Green

Climate change is one everyone's mind. If you are looking to reduce the carbon footprint of your business, you can mitigate energy usage by reducing travel. Air travel is one of the largest carbon culprits (an estimated 476 million passengers per year and 17.7 million tons of carbon by 2030). You can improve your corporate carbon footprint and contribute to regulatory compliance while increasing the number of meetings you have with clients or internal staff thanks to the time you will save with teleconferencing.

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