Remove Borders with International Conference Calls

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Conference calls save time and travel expenses, but let's face it, they can be a headache to organize when participants from several different time zones are involved. Throw daylight savings time changes into the mix and you have a recipe for disaster if clients miss calls because they were online at the wrong time. You want to find the most reasonable hour for all your participants to be online and improve the chances of their participation; no one wants to get up for a conference callat four in the morning. There are several online tools which enable you to arrange meetings at convenient times and ensure that all participants are online.

Plan ahead

Start by creating an agenda with all the salient points the meeting will cover. This will help to determine the duration of the conference call. Set aside a realistic amount of time to get through the agenda and ensure there is time at the end for questions. Make a list of attendees who need to be present in order to effectively cover your agenda; there’s nothing worse than needing an expert’s advice to make an important decision, only to find that he’s stepped out for lunch.

All aboard

There are several free online software programs that can help you find a time that suits all meeting participants. Try to find a time that falls within business hours and during the work week to ensure maximum attendance. Simply fill in your preferred dates and the location of meeting attendees and the program will give you a list of the most viable times for your conference.

Follow up

Send the dates and times as well as the proposed agenda to the attendees and request that they confirm attendance. Send these well in advance so that changes can be made to the dates and times should clients be unable to attend. Send several reminders as well as connection information to participants in order to ensure that they are up to date.

Get connected

Ask all your meeting participants to connect ten to fifteen minutes prior to the meeting to ensure that you can see and hear them. This gives you time to correct any technical difficulties prior to the meeting. Have the contact information of your video conference service provider on hand so that they can assist with any technical issues. Send alternate connection options (some programs allow you to connect over the phone or on the computer) to participants in advance. Should video be choppy or delayed, opt for sound only so that the meeting can proceed.

Leave the details to us

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