Web Conference Video Calling & Online Meetings FAQs

Some of the questions that pop up most frequently about web or video conference calling and online meetings are on this page. Our goal is to help you determine if our solutions are right for your organization. 

Web Conferencing Questions

Free Demo & Account Setup

How quickly can I get a demo?


We'll contact you within 30 minutes of receiving your request to arrange an online demo session.

How quickly can I get my account?

As soon as you're ready.

If you like, you can get started by calling us or requesting an estimate.

What's included with my account?

Features to help your team communicate and collaborate better. Features include:

  • Live assistance by our trained Canadian support team.
  • 24/7 access from anywhere around the globe.
  • Secure conference calling with excellent voice quality.
  • Toll-free international calls from 60+ countries.
  • Easy to understand billing.
  • Conference call recording and storage.
  • The ability to save an infinite number of meeting rooms and their content — exactly as you left them.
  • Support for online meetings of up to 100 users.
  • Screensharing, whiteboarding, document sharing and chat.
  • Top notch educational webinar tools.
  • HD Video (subject to connection quality)

Adobe Connect™

Why Adobe Connect over Citrix or WebEx?

Simply Put – It's The Best & Our Clients Deserver The Best.

Award winning Adobe Connect™ is easily the fastest, most dynamic and most comprehensive web conferencing platform on the market. Third party reviews rate Adobe Connect™ as the best web conferencing available, higher than competitors WebEx and Citrix.

Powerful & Tailored To Your Organizations Needs

Vesta Networks provides you with an Adobe Connect™ solution tailored to your needs. It gives your staff the power to collaborate easily and effectively from anywhere in the world, just as they would in a face-to-face meeting, but with more customized content at their fingertips.

Why should I go with you rather than Adobe directly?

Good question!

The same reason you look to us instead of the big telecom companies, for unequaled support from real people looking to help your organization grow.

We help you find the right plan and give you the support you need to make every meeting productive. Learn More »

Do I need any Apps to use the service?


Adobe Connect™ powers the dashboard, controls and tools you'll use to access the service management and to join meetings. Don't worry, The Vesta Difference is how we help make it easy.

Meeting Access

Can I use my landline or cellphone?


Audio-only users can dial in using Toll Free numbers accessible nationally and in over 60+ countries internationally. 

How many users can connect to a single meeting?

Up to 100 users can join a given meeting. We've not heard of a single client that's needed more.

Sharing & Collaboration

Can I share my desktop apps?


Sharing your screen, apps and collaborating in real-time has never been easier. Have real working meetings again.

Can I share from my tablet or smartphone?


You can also join into the private chat, live whiteboarding and send live video.

Is live whiteboarding supported on smartphone or tablet?


Smartphones and tablets can join live whiteboarding to collaborate with your team.

Can I setup recurring meetings with the same content?


One of the best Adobe Connect™ features is the ability to save meeting rooms so you can resume right where you left off.

Can I setup meetings after hours?


Start a meeting anytime and with dial-ins from anywhere and a toll-free number for 60+ countries.

Can I share call audio after the meeting?


Log into your dashboard at anytime to access your recorded calls and share them with whom you please.

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