Service Enhancements

Upgrades to Vesta Conferencing Services


We recently upgraded our services to enhance the customer experience.  The upgrade will allow customers to use an online portal to access and manage their accounts.  We will be adding new features over the next few months so stay tuned for new ways to improve your conferencing experience.

As with many upgrades, there are some changes to how the services are delivered.  Some of the command prompts and messages may be slightly different than what you are used to using.  The key changes are outlined below.  If you have any issues during a conference call, please press *0 to have an operator assist you.

How to access the online portal

To access the online portal as a moderator, please use this link: and click the Moderator option.

Please enter your moderator code (without the #) in the top box and enter your participant code as the Access Code (without the #) in the bottom box.  Click Login.

This gives you access to the details of your conference calls.

Call Usage* - details of when your calls occurred and which phone numbers were connected to the call.
Recordings - List of your recordings (last 30 days only- see Recordings below)
Join Instructions - Your dial in phone numbers and conference codes

To access the online portal as an administrator, please contact us at 1-866-281-9191.  Administrators are able to create or delete moderators, change settings and more.

* If you signed up for post call emails, you will receive an email with details shortly after the call.  The call details will show up in the portal the next day with cost information.


With our new service, you now have unlimited free recordings available to you.  These will be accessed through the online portal.  All recordings are kept for 30 days and may be downloaded any time during the 30 days.  After 30 days, recordings are removed from the portal. If you would like to retrieve a recording more than 30 days old and if it is available, there is a $35 charge for the retrieval.

If you would like us to host your files as we have done in the past, there is a monthly subscription charge of $25.  The subscription includes having your recordings transferred to your hosted files account and added to the list of available recordings.  As long as the subscription is current, you may download your files at any time.

Only new files created after the service upgrade are available in the online portal.  If we currently host your recording files and you do not want to subscribe to the new monthly service, we will maintain the recordings until Dec 31, 2018 at which time the files will be removed.

International Phone Numbers

We are consolidating our international calling services with a new provider to offer even more countries.  As a result, our international numbers are changing.  You may continue to use the existing international numbers until Dec 31, 2018 at which time they will cease to be available.  A complete list of the new international numbers and countries is available here. For restrictions on international phone numbers, please review the restrictions file here.

New Prompt Changes

When you dial in to your conference, you may notice some small changes.  Here are a few of the changes you may notice in the new service.

  • Recording

You will no longer be prompted for a file number.  After pressing *2 to start\stop the recording, press 1 to confirm and your recording starts\stops.

There will only be one recording per conference.  You may start and stop the recording as many times as you would like in the same call. All the recordings will show up as a single file.  If you would like to have separate recordings, you need to hang up all the lines in the conference (## by the moderator) and start another call.

  • Participant Message

You will no longer hear "You are the only participant in this call".  Instead, you will hear "You are participant number #" when you connect with the call.

  • ## (hang up all lines in conference)

When the moderator presses ##, the system will prompt for a 1 to confirm the command to hang up all lines in conference.  Previously, no confirmation was required.

  • Dial Out - *1 - Note:  You will only have this feature if you requested to have it enabled on your account.

The prompts have changed to provide more information to the user.  This dial out guide will outline the specific prompts.  As a quick reference, here is the sequence to dial out and bring the caller into the conference:

*1,phone number, #,*,#,#,*1 (to bring caller into conference)

If you encounter any difficulties, you may press *0 for an operator who can assist with the dial out.

  • Sub Conference - *9

Previously *93, otherwise no change.

Music on Hold - Background Music

After a number of requests, we changed the music on hold for participants waiting to join a call.  We also removed the continuous message stating that the conference will start when the moderator dials in.   We hope this makes the wait for your moderator more enjoyable!


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